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What Damage do New Jersey Rodents Cause in an Attic?

It is common for many homeowners to keep their attics open, and some have holes, which end up attracting rodents. Many attics are made out of timber, meaning the Newark rodents can easily bite their way into the attic easily. There are loads of damages, which rodents do in the attic, and common ones include:

- Causing sleepless nights due to constant playing
- Chewing of electrical wires
- Chewing of woods
You want to keep your attic safe and free from rodents. However, this is not an easy process and this leads to a constant battle between the homeowner and the rodents. You stand a better chance of getting good results by simply relying on a professional company to handle the issue or eliminating New Jersey rats from the attic. This means sealing all points of entry, and using durable wires, which rodents cannot bite.

Chew on wires
In many homes, there are wires in the attic, which connect electricity to different parts of the house. When rodents start playing or chewing on these wires, it leads to electrical issues. You do not want to incur an additional expense in the purchase of new wires and fixing electrical issues. The only way of going about it includes dealing with a professional to kill the rodents.

Electrical faults
Many cases of electric faults in the attic happen due to cases of rodents. Several rodents die in the process due to electrical shock. This can make the entire house remain in darkness the entire night. Once you hear Newark rodents in your attic, do not wait for them to start chewing your wires. Initiate fast elimination methods like poisoning, sealing of all holes, and setting traps in different areas.

Foul smell
You tend to hear a foul smell of feces and urine from rodents in the attic. This is common when you do not take any measures to eliminate the issue of rodents. Some rodents die due to electrical shock, and the corpse remain in the attic leading to a foul smell. You have the obligation of inspecting your attic regularly to eliminate rodents, and ensure cleanliness.

Chew on timber
Attics made from wood face a huge threat from rodents. It is very easy for rodents to chew on timber since it is strong and find this as a way of keeping their teeth in good shape. When you have many rodents in the attic, they chew loads of timber, leading to total losses. You have a good chance of keeping Newark rodents away by applying tar on the places made from timber. Once you do this, the rodents shall not come to your attic. You can also opt to change the wooden areas, and install metal since rodents cannot chew the metal.

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What Damage do New Jersey Rodents Cause in an Attic?