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What if You are Bitten by a New Jersey Stray Cat?

Most People may not take a cat bite seriously. They will probably brush it aside and hope it heals. The truth is, a cat bite may turn out to be more serious than most people think. It is true that cats will not just attack and bite you. Even stray Newark cats! However, if you disturb its comfort and it feels cornered, the cat will pounce and the bites inflicted may have far reaching consequences.

What are the risks of not treating a cat bite?
The risks of a bite from a stray cat include:
- You could contract rabies. Although cats do not generally carry rabies, a cat that has not had rabies shot may have been infected somewhere and a bite may give you rabies too. This can be fatal if left untreated or treated too late.
- Due to exposure to bacteria. You may contract tetanus if you have not had a shot within the past five years. Tetanus is as deadly as rabies once it takes effect and is fatal.
- You may develop New Jersey cat scratch fever. Which when left untreated can develop into more serious conditions like Pasteurellosis, Streptococcal infection among other more dangerous conditions.
We therefore strongly recommend that you seek the services of a medical doctor. This action could save your life.

Before you get to the doctor
- Be sure to clean the wound and apply pressure to stop bleeding.
- Dress the wound in sterilized dressing.
- Observe if the wound is red and swollen.
- Use antibacterial cream around the wound to avoid bacterial infection.

What to do when bitten
Due to the depth of the wounds Newark cat can inflict, it is best to see a doctor. This is because:
- The wound can quickly turn septic due to bacterial infection.
- You may need a tetanus and rabies shot to avoid infection.
- Any swollen, redness and pus need immediate attention and treatment as this may indicate a serious underlying condition that may be developing.

Why do I need to see a doctor?
You will need to visit your doctor because:
- Most cat bites always become septic and the bacteria spreading can cause you to be hospitalized and in need of surgery to remove the infected tissues.
- Any stray animal bites are dangerous as they may carry fatal infections.
As a general rule, any bites from stray or wild Newark animals cannot be taken lightly. Even when such a bite is from a well-known type of an animal, it is best to seek the attention of doctor. Risking a bite from a stray cat may even lead to death. Therefore, watch \ out!

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What if You are Bitten by a New Jersey Stray Cat?