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Can Bats Walk on the Ground?

It is a fascinating fact that Newark bats are the only known mammal that can actually fly, but another question arises, can bats walk on the ground? Well then, let’s find out.

Walking on the ground
Though there are 1000 species of the bats, the only known bat that can walk on the ground are the Vampire bats. One wingtip in front of the other and methodically, the New Jersey bat manages to walk up to where it prey rests, there it will get a bite and feed on the blood of the prey. Therefore, it is true that bats can walk on the ground but the ability to walk is limited by the species of the bat. Bats use special sensors in them and are able to detect the blood of the prey near the skin using the infrared radiation that will detect the prey’s warm blood and then comfortably, the bat can walk straight to the prey and feed on its blood. Therefore, beyond any reasonable doubt, vampire bats can walk.

Jumping by the bat
When a chance is lost when the bat stealthily walks towards the prey, this means that a meal is lost or even worse and therefore the bat has to do its level best and retrieve the lost food. Now what is the next step, jumping. Slowly but carefully, the bats will jump on to the prey and make sure that it gets a bite where it can get to lick the blood of the animal, but this is not a common phenomenon since the manner in which the bats bite the Newark animal cannot cause a stir to it, that is they cannot notice. The process is fast and very clean. The anticoagulant in the bats saliva causes the blood to flow easily and fast.

Running on ground
Just like a leopard that is chasing a gazelle, the bats will also do the same to it prey. When the prey notices that it is being hunted, it will run and therefore, the bats have to pursue it and may be the best option there is is running. Therefore, bats can run on ground. Bats will do many things in a similar manner as the other New Jersey mammals and this is not abnormal. In a nutshell, bats will automatically do everything like other members of its class.

Vampire bats like a cheetah will do almost the same thing. The only difference there is, is the size of the two animals. Bear in mind that the bats can take down a very big animal than itself. Therefore, what is said about bats walking on the ground is true; it is not a misconception or a myth.

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Can Bats Walk on the Ground?